Red circle with exclamation mark in Project Pane

My project is connected to GitHub and whenever I make a change that the pencil image comes up.
I’ve never come across this red circle (against TelcoMatching.xaml), I cannot seem to commit the changes… can someone please help explain what might be the issue?

There are no issues in the sequences within the XAML itself.RedCircle


Could you hover that workflow and check it once Whether it’s showing any error message ?

I exited Studio and reopened the red circle has now disapered but I still cannot ‘commit’ the changes - there is no icon next to the two xamls also (telcoMatching and tempTest).unabletocommit


May I know what error are you getting at the time of Commit Changes ?

@lakshman there is no longer an error icon but I still cannot commit. When I go to ‘Commit Changes’ it does not appear in the list of Modified Files.

Try this,

Make commit changes 2 times.

This happened to me initially

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Thank you! This worked for me.

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