Making a pivot table using allocated amounts


How do I create the Pivot Tables using UiPath Studio (Not Studio X) which includes all the allocated amounts (Column W in Concur Data) and finds a grand sum of each month. The month sheets are dependent on the individuals Report ID, Name, and Date. Here is the excel sheet below. Thank you!

COPY 2021 YTD Weekly Billing Expense Allocation.xlsx (63.7 KB)

If you have to create Pivot Tables, Maybe you can invoke Excel VBA.
Or you can find unique item in ColumnA first.
Second, sum row(“Allocated Expense Amount”) if row(“Billing Period”).toString = each unique item. Then you can get your answer.

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my solution. (61.2 KB)

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I am getting this error I believe with the write range.

Thank you so much for the help

I think your worksheet name contain time Mark like , : /
check rowU(“Billing Period”).tostring


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