Recording is missing un UI PATH STUDIO

Recording is missing un UI PATH STUDIO . it changed to App/Web Recorder , How to undo it?

Hello @badal_patel ,

Seems that you have the latest Preview version of UiPath.
I believe this is the new ribbon, with the new recorder.

Why do you want to roll back to the other version of the recorder? Any issues?

At the moment, you can change from Settings > Help > Preview to Stable and after restart you should have the Stable version which does not have yet the new modern recorder.


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i did, it show stable in help still i can not find recording .it show same app/web recorder

when i use type into in this recording, i can’t able use tab button with type into. so i want to move older version

You can’t.

The only way is to download an older version of the studio.

You shouldn’t be so dependent on the recorder IMHO. Since the workflow that is generated is very error-prone and should be improved.

Use the improvement step to do what you couldn’t do in the recorder. (294.2 KB)

It show App/Web Recorder only in this flow . in other flow there is recording available. even if i create new flow there is also recording available.

So, kindly please check it & slove my issue

i have aso issue in App/web Recording about double click. it only double click indicated vaule what if we want to click outside

Try creating a new process, and if you see recording is availalble why can’t you copy the activities from Regex_BP to the new process. Have you tried this already?

Or Whicever workflow where you see recording is available, copy the Regex_Bp activities to that workflow and do a save as.

can not able to copy copy the activity from Regex_BP to other workflow

@badal_patel - What error you are getting?

@badal_patel - In the bottom your screen, you see import right…

Please click on it and in the search system.text.regularexpressions as shown below and add it…

Hi @badal_patel,

pls go through the link to know about switching between old design and modern design

This is because the project is in modern experience. You can change it to classic design experience as well.

Please refer below link to know all about modern and classic experience.

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