Activities and wizards missing in uipath studio 2021.6 beta version

Recording, get full text, native recording all these are missing in my version … can anyone pls help me?

Hi ,

Try reinstalling the UiPath

In project settings you can change the modern UIAutomation designer to off.

@naveenkumarr No need to reinstall.

Starting 21.6 preview, we have enabled the Modern UI Automation experience. If you want to go back to the Classic one, go to Project Settings and disable the option:

The Modern design automation offers the AppWeb Recorder which embeds all the Native recorder experiences.

i tried disabling it… still i’m not able to see…and even open browser activity also not listing like previously

Pls restart the project and/or Studio.
You can also use the Show Classic filter option:

thanks stan… :slight_smile: getting now

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