Reconciling Two Documents

I have two excel docs here. Data in workbook1 Debit and Credit should match that in workbook2 debit and credits and exception to be published in a new sheet. The bot is taking over 30 mins.

Looking for someone to help me optimize it.
To create a unique ref tried adding a receipt number, date and amount for both. and tried to compare the sheets based on that column if they match. My worflow has been attached

[Project docs]
Any simpler solution is also welcomed.

Hi @Jonathan_Mbiriri ,

Is there a Particular reason you are Printing the Values into Output Panel using Write Line Activity ?

Using Write Line slows down the Execution, as it also requires time to Print it to the Output. You could Try Commenting/Removing Write Line Activities and Execute the Workflow and Check.

Also what is the use of CR and OFACR variables, it’s just going to contain the last value that loops through that Sequence.

Maybe you could Explain the Requirement in a Bit more detail or You Could Provide us with an Expected Output Excel for the Input Excel files Provided. In that way, we would be able to Help you faster.

Also, the Assignment of OAFReference column Value can be done directly :

row("OAFReference") = row("RECEIPT_NO").ToString +"-"+Row.Item("ACCOUNTING_DATE").ToString.split(" "c)(0) +"-"+Row.Item("ENTERED_CR").ToString

We wouldn’t require an extra variable for this purpose

@supermanPunch no specific reason was using the write line just to confirm the output was correct.

The expected output is just a reconciled workbook (a match of DR and CR)