Merge Excel sheets

Hi All,
I have a excel sheet that takes in an excel with 3 columns as input(Id,age,interest),this will look up to another excel sheet with 2 columns(Id,name) and should create an output file with(name,age,interest) coulmns.Can someone please help me out to do this usecase.


Hi ,
Can you try using the below steps.

  1. Write cell with vlookup formula to fill the name in sheet1 column4.
  2. Auto fill range in all other cells.
  3. Read range of the SHeet1 .
  4. Remove column Id .
  5. Write range in Excel Sheet3 with (name,age,interest)
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Thanks @Priyanka_Ramesh for the help,but the id is not getting removed,i am getting the output as Id,age,interest,can u please try it out.


Till which Step the activity is working ?
can you share file ?

how should i give range in auto fill range?

if you aleady know the total count you can given the same . if not read range of sheet 1 and give the count of cells.

This looks more of a process. But for loop is not better for a large amount of data.

@Navya Normally we would need to have a Key Value to match the rows of the First Excel with the rows of the Second Excel and Produce the desired Output. So if you can provide the Key Column that needs to be provided to be matched in both the Excels, we can suggest a Solution. Or If you Provide us with a Sample Input Data and the Expected Output, it would be faster to Solve it


PFA of the Sample Input Data and excepect output.Input and Output.xlsx (11.5 KB)

@Navya In the Given Excel The Id 67 maps to Music, and in the Other Sheet the Id 56 maps to Vignesh. The Output Sheet has an irrelevant mapping to Vignesh and Music. Is it a typing mistake or is the Output as it is? Because in the Output Sheet there Should be No row for Vignesh as there is no proper mapping.

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@supermanPunch sorry it was a typing mistake Id is 67 onli

@Navya Ok. But what if there are rows in Sheet1 with Id which are not Present in Sheet2 as well as other rows which do not have a match. What will be the Expected output in that case ?

Input and Output.xlsx (12.3 KB) joinTables.xaml (6.8 KB)

Output has been generated based in “Id” column. Rows which is present in Table1 but not in table2 will be ignored. @Navya


@kadiravan_kalidoss,Thank you so much,its working fine.

Hi @Navya

Here is an activity to merge the excel sheet.