Infrastructure setup for Ui Path


I have few general questions for infrastructure setup, please help me in understanding the below:

Simple Deployment:

  1. I have 2 orchestrator servers and a separate redis server, but no redis server in any of the orchestrator server - Does this impact any performance?
  2. After installing redis server and firewall open for port 6379, do we need to perform any possible actions as part of infrastructure setup except updating the web.config file?

High Availability:

  1. How to install High Availability Addon?
  2. As per Ui Path documentation it says as HAA Nodes are required? What is a node means?
  3. How to install a Network load balancer? - is NLB means a REDIS connection?

Disaster Recovery:

  1. How to perform disaster recovery setup?
  2. As per the infrastructure setup training i understand it as 2 same type of setups has to be done (1. orchestrator server + Robots connected and 2. Orchestrator server + Robots connected) correct me if am wrong and how both 1 and 2 will be connected?

Swapnika P