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When I receive the Outlook mail, I want to move the table in the mail contents to the Google spreadsheet and create an automation that processes functions within the spreadsheet and sends the result back to my mail.

There’s no part in UiPath that sends mail contents to the option available through Outlook, is it impossible?

I would appreciate it if you could tell me how.

Hi @jaeho_hyeon

It is possible to extract the table from an Outlook email and move it to a Google Spreadsheet using UiPath.

  • You can use UiPath activities “Get Outlook Mail Messages”
  • Use “Data Scraping” to extract the table from the email
  • Use “Google GSuite” activities to create a new spreadsheet
  • insert the table data into it.
  • Once data is added to spreadsheet, you can use UiPath activities such as “Read Range” and “Write Range” to perform data processing functions and write the result back to the same or a different sheet in the spreadsheet.
  • Finally, you can use the “Send SMTP Mail Message” activity to send the result back to your email. You can customize the body of the email using HTML tags to format the data as a table or any other desired format.

Note that the process may require some custom coding or activities depending on the specific format of the email table and the data processing functions required.

Happy Automation, Cheers.

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Hello, @ABHIMANYU_THITE1 :slight_smile:

I feel very grateful. To your detailed feedback.

As you taught, I searched “Get Outlook Mail Messages” in Activities, but the item you told me did not come out.
Is the ‘Automation Developer - Named’ license restricted from using Activities?

Hi @jaeho_hyeon,

Install UiPath.Mail Dependency.

While checking the activities select below filters


Happy Automation, Cheers!

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