Reboot AWS EC2 instance using UiPath

Hi - Is there any UiPath activity which can help in rebooting an AWS EC2 instance?

Thank you.

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Hey @sreenivasm,

Glad that you are back to the community.

The answer is yes, You can reboot AWS EC2 instance using AWS activity package. PFB.

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Thanks @Nithinkrishna. :slight_smile:

I will try this and will post an update.

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This did not work for me as it needs an IAM user role to be created with the necessary access key id and secret access key and the organization I work was not providing these due to security considerations. I only had access to the web based AWS Console and the web based session manager console which provided me temporary access key id and secret access key. I could not use these in the UiPath AWS activities.

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What are the possible actions you can do with the temporary access key id & secret access key ?

Just to know that you can able to access console by means of an api.

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