UiPath process failing when RDP (AWS) is disconnected


I have developed UiPath (CE) solution in AWS EC2 instance and thereafter deployed the package and scheduled the process in Orchestrator (configure to run as an unattended bot).

UiPath process steps:
a) Opens a site in new browser
b) Log into the site with username and password
c) Perform some action in the site

If I am logged into AWS EC2 instance, process works fine on scheduled time.
But, if I have disconnected the RDP session, process is initiated, but bot is not able to type username in site page (Step #b).

Any guidance, solution will be helpful.


Hello @athakur21 ,

You should check the type activity properties. Might help you to play with different options till work.

Is just an idea, but check this URL and do the changes in your workflow to support the work in background or so.

Also, if you have activities that use Element exist or so, might not work properly.

At the same time, if it’s unattended, please check in orchestrator to configure the resolution for that specific robot.


I hope it helps.


Hello @wasea,

Changing the option in input methods (as per the url shared by you), resolved the issue.
Thanks a lot for your help.


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