Reason of failure message

i want to write a reason in excel sheet when there is a failure in filling the google forms

Hi @guptasweb

Please surround your Sequence with a Try Catch Block and have the sequence for entering the google forms in try block and catch the exceptions occurred in the Catch block.

Is the input you are taking is from the same excel?

If the Column for writing the “Exceptions” are fixed then you can use Write Cell to write back the value using the row index for incrementing the cell value.


assign one variable before execution as false… pass your form filling sequence with try block now go to catch block and reassign the same variable with true

if any exception occurred it will go to catch block

now put condition if true or false in final block apply appropriate reason in excel

@guptasweb You can use datatable to write the failure reason when failure filling in the google forms . Before the execution ends you can simply write the whole data at once since every time opening the excel may causes the excel application issues and failures

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