About uipath studio on excel and datatables

Here am filling the application form by reading the data from one excel sheet and also am creating the new excel sheet with the old excel sheet data and also adding one more column called “Status” which refers whether submitting a form is successful or fails.

here am getting a error like below

here am using “get row item” activity and variable of type int32.

can anyone help me to resolve this?
OR you can give flowchart to fill a form by reading a data from one excelsheet and creating new excel with the old excel values and with one more column added called status which refers sucuss or fails for each row or for every submission.

for columns of type string its is filling correctly on new excel sheet, but for columns of type int and double it is showing error like this.

@REKHASRPF change the type of variable mobile to string

Also for every successful completion of form, you can use an excel application scope and write the data using WriteCell activity.