Real-time scenario issues/doubt Uipath-Orchestrator

Robot 1: Process A scheduled at 06:30 am
Robot 1: Process B scheduled at 06:35 am
Robot 1: Process C scheduled at 06:40 am

Note for Q1&Q2 : Let us consider, if orchestrator is down by 06:15 am to 06:40 am

Q1) what will happen to the scheduled process A and B

Q2) Does it run the Process C or else it start the Process A & B and then Process C

Note for Q3: if orchestrator works fine

Q3) Let consider if Process A starts by 06:35 am and it’s TAT(Turn around Time) or SLA increases and Process A ends by 06:45 am then what will happen to Process B which was scheduled to start by 06:35 am

Can anyone please explain it briefly

Thanks in advance

Basically, If your Robot is not connected to the Orchestrator or Down due to some reasons and the Schedule time reaches then the Job goes into Pending State. As soon as your robot is connected back with the orchestrator it will execute the job that went to pending state first, followed by the next pending one.

In your Case for Q1 & Q2, If the orchestrator is down till 6:40 AM, then Process A, Process B & Process C all will be queued in pending state. When the Robot connection is back, Process A is executed first, then Process B followed by Process C.

For Q3, I haven’t checked but i believe Process B will be in Pending State until Process A complete since the Robot is Busy. As soon as the robot is available, Process B will be run. I would let someone else answer for Q3 :slight_smile:

Let me know if it helps.

Rammohan B.


Thank for your help