Orchestrator Queue


I do have a question related with how Orchestrator deals with Robots in queue.
So, if I schedule the same process to be runned at 10 A.M, 11 A.M and 12 A.M, and the first job starts and last 3 hours. Is the Orchestrator going to run the following two (considering now is another time)?

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Here is the option where you can decide what you need to do with process.

Stops after:: enter the amount of time to pass before the execution of the schedule stops.
Cancel: Orchestartor sends the soft signal to the bot that there is a second process need to run at 11AM and it will wait till process 1 to end its transaction.(Make sure it will not exist the process in between)
Terminate: Irrespective of transaction (Middle of the workflow)of process 1 it will directly kill the process and second process will starts exactly @11AM

If you don’t check these option then Orchestartor eventually keep process 2 and process 3 in queue and wait for process 1 to end.

For more you can refer this.

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