Real time interview questions

Hi All,

i have encountered with some of the real time question.

  1. How to convert array of string to an object(if possible pls explain with some example). and vice-versa

  2. there is invoice no text is available in excel file and excel file is having 1 lacs of records, how to find the cell index of that specific text.(There is no column is available as per interviewer).

  3. there are 10 transaction are available in orchestrator queues and suppose 5 BOTs are working on 10 transaction, i want to write a logic such that when the last BOT working in last transaction it should send the email so that other BOT should get to know that this was the last transaction or in other works bot stop working on next transaction.

  4. i don’t have uipath installed in system and want to know the version of the any package installed from manage package.


  1. We no need to inform to other Bots about last transaction. Bot will be stopped automatically if it didn’t find any queue items with New state.

  2. You can find the package version in project.json file.

  1. Read the Excel data
  2. Use “Lookup activity”, enter the string of value need. the cell value will get example C20, If starts from A1, use regex to spilt the number and get 20, index=20-2 can get the index value

Hi @Gokul_Jayakumar

Thanks for replying.

i tried to get cell value using lookup activity but bit confused how to use it.

Passed the datatable(dt1), then enter the required string in lookup value of the input property. then used output property as cellValue.

now to get the value as there is condition given by interviewer that there is no column is mentioned or available.

kindly suggest.

Hi @Rakesh_Tiwari

Check with the docs for more info

Refer the XAML file

LookupDT.xaml (8.8 KB)


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