Real Time Data scraping

"Hello, I’m working on an automation project in UiPath and I’m trying to implement real-time data scraping. I need to scrape data from Crypto Pump Monitor and then send this scraped data to a Telegram channel

  1. Identify and monitor new coins: I need to create a mechanism that detects when a new coin with high trading volume appears on a cryptocurrency exchange.

  2. Real-time data scraping: Once a new coin is detected, I want to scrape relevant data such as the coin’s name, trading pair, trading volume, and other key information.

  3. Send scraped data to Telegram: After scraping the data, I need to send it to a Telegram channel

Try following these steps:

  1. For Data Scraping use the “Data Scraping” activity or “Screen Scraping” activity to extract data from the Crypto Pump Monitor website.
    Configure the scraping to extract the relevant data such as the coin’s name, trading pair, trading volume, and any other key information you need.
  2. To Identify and Monitor New Coins implement a mechanism that periodically checks the website for new coins with high trading volume. You can use the “Data Scraping” activity in UiPath to scrape a list of current coins and their volumes. Store this data in a data table or another suitable data structure and periodically re-scrape the data using the same scraping activity to get the most recent data.
  3. Compare the newly scraped data with the previously stored data to identify new coins with high trading volumes. You can use Excel, databases, or variables to store and compare this data.
  4. Create a bot on Telegram and obtain the API token for the bot.
    Use the “HTTP Request” activity in UiPath to interact with the Telegram Bot API. You can send messages and updates to your Telegram channel.
    Configure the HTTP Request activity to send the scraped data to your Telegram channel when a new coin is detected.
  5. And Finally use UiPath Orchestrator or a scheduling mechanism to run your automation at regular intervals to check for new coins.