How to Automate TradingView Chart Analysis and Telegram Notifications in UiPath?

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I’m currently working on an automation project using UiPath, and I’m looking for guidance on how to automate a specific process involving TradingView and Telegram. Here’s a breakdown of what I’m trying to achieve:

  1. Opening TradingView: I need to automate the process of opening TradingView in a web browser.

  2. Selecting a Specific Stock: Once on TradingView, I want to automate the selection of a specific stock or financial instrument.

  3. Checking for Indicator Signals: I’m looking for guidance on how to interact with the TradingView chart interface to check for a specific indicator signal. What UiPath activities or methods can help with this?

  4. Taking a Screenshot: If the indicator signal is present, I want to capture a screenshot of the TradingView chart. How can I do this using UiPath?

  5. Sending to Telegram: After capturing the screenshot, I need to send it to a Telegram channel or group using a Telegram bot. What steps or activities in UiPath should I use for this?

  6. Moving to the Next Stock: Once the process is complete, I need to navigate back to the stock selection page in TradingView and choose the next stock for analysis.

I’m particularly seeking assistance with steps 3 and 5, as these involve some technical challenges. If anyone has experience with UiPath automation, TradingView integration, or Telegram bot interactions, your insights and guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help!

Let’s look at activity that can be used for each step

For this Use the “Open Browser” activity or “Use Browser/Application” activity to open TradingView in your web browser.

Use the “Click Image” activity to click on the search bar in TradingView.

Use the “Type Into” activity to enter the name of the stock you want to select.

Use the “Click Image” activity to click on the stock in the search results.

If you don’t want click image try with computer vision activities
If you can directly interact with element then use normal Click activity

You can try with CV Element exists activity here if it’s a image

If it can be indicated then use CHECK APP STATE or ELEMENT EXISTS activity here to validate the button
You can use GET ATTRIBUTE activity to get the color attribute for validation

To take a screenshot of the TradingView chart, you can use the “Take Screenshot” activity.

Check this out for telegram activities

Or you can try with api call as well with HTTPS REQUEST activity

You can use normal Click activity or attach browser activity to let the bot come back to browser screen

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Cheers @Aditya_Nalawade

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so when i use Cv Element exist Acitivity on this Green line it also detect Red line. i just want to detect Green line how can i do that??