Help Needed - Automating Telegram Message Notification on Google Sheets Row Addition

I aim to create a workflow in UiPath that sends a message to a Telegram channel whenever a new row is added to a Google Sheet.

1.Set up Google Sheets API:

  • Enable the Google Sheets API for your Google Cloud project.
  • Create API credentials (Service Account) and download the JSON file containing your credentials.
  1. Install Required Packages in UiPath:
  • Install the necessary UiPath packages:
  • UiPath.GSuite.Activities: This package contains activities for working with Google Sheets.
  1. Configure Google Sheets Activities:
  • Use the “Google Sheets Application Scope” activity to authenticate and connect to Google Sheets using the downloaded JSON file.
  • Use the “Read Range” activity to read the existing data from the Google Sheet.
  1. Check for New Rows:
  • Compare the current data with the previously retrieved data to identify new rows.
  1. Send Telegram Message:
  • If new rows are detected, use the “HTTP Request” activity or other methods to send a message to the Telegram channel.