Reading xml file into dataset/datatable

How can I read a XML data file into a System.Data.Dataset variable type ? Can I use a readxml function ? My aim is to read an XML file into a Dataset or Datatable , and should be able to access the values by referring column_name like in a database table. Thanks in advance.

Check this


Hello @vvaidya ,

I am experiencing some difficulties with my xml file. It shows a long row full of text but then in dt is is only two-words/two-columns only result.
Could you help me out and send me some .xaml which could solve my problem with this particular xml file?

Thank you so much in advance

Data.xml (3.3 KB)

Looks the multiple tables are being created since the Nodes are not consistent.

Try ds.Tables.Count.ToString to check # of tables

If you want to write all the tables to Excel, you can do below (multiple sheets)