Converting an XML (not file) to a DataTable

So I’ve been racking my brain to figure this out, but does anyone know how to turn an XML (not file) into a data table?

I’ve looked it up and came across this “solution”, Reading xml file into dataset/datatable, but it takes in a file path, which I tried converting the xml (which is gotten from a web form) to a file but I get a white space error when the invoke method is called. So I don’t think thats a solution.


_Test.xaml (10.0 KB)

I have attached a copy of my workflow and the error it is throwing, my end goal is to turn the xml into a datatable not a data set, but I have not seen any solutions for that and my coworkers also don’t know how.

SampleXML.txt (71.9 KB)

The following txt file has a sample XML that would be grabbed from a web form, just to clarify this XML is not originally in a file format.

This will do exactly what you need.