Reading values from calendar and update in another sheet

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I am new to uipath. Can anyone please suggest how to read value from calendar sheet and update in the status sheet. For eg: wherever cell contains ‘P’ get the above cell value as present date and update in the status sheet in the respective column. And in the other hand I want to take the total number ‘P’ count and the same has to be updated in the status sheet in the respective column. Like wise cell value contains ‘L’, ‘A’,‘LA’ dates has to be updated in the Leaves dates and for ‘PH’ value has to be updated in holiday dates column.

Note: Date format should be: 1,2,3,4 etc in the respective column.



@vidhan.rpa What are Present_Dates and Present_Count Columns? What do they denote?
What about other days like 7,8,9,10 ? Why aren’t they entered?

Attendance Cal.xlsx (9.9 KB)

Please consider the updated file.

@vidhan.rpa But the Status Sheet has empty values in it :sweat_smile: . Can you fill the Status Sheet for the Corresponding input data as to how you need it, Then we can go for a logic that suits it.


Initially status sheet remains empty only, we have to read the value from calendar and update the column relevant to present date present count, leave date, leave count, holiday date etc… If you go through my initial comments then you will understand the requirement. Thanks

Yes I understood that :sweat_smile:

I wanted this clarification, other days which you didn’t assign to any of the columns in the First Excel that you sent

Attendance Cal.xlsx (10.1 KB)

Please find the excel where I have filled the status sheet for present, leaves,holiday dates and counts as well. Same format with comma if you could assist then it would be helpful.

@vidhan.rpa I was able to get the workflow working. I have used two While Loops to Convert the data in the Calendar Sheet to a Dictionary, So that the dates will have their respective status mapped to it. Then It will just be a Filtering Process of the Dictionary to get the Respective Status dates and it’s Count values. I hope you can understand this workflow : (10.9 KB)

Also I have added an Output Sheet with the Column Names present in the Status Sheet, considering that the Sheet will always be present and we just need to fill it. If that’s not the case, we can go for another approach. The Output will be reflected in the Output Sheet after Execution.
Revert back if you have found any errors.

Thanks buddy, I have checked the workflow and it is working as expected. The solution is absolutely perfect…

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