Reading specific data from multiple webpages

Hi All, I have this excel with multiple Instagram profile links in a column. My task is to go to every page and get the number of followers and populate another excel sheet. I have tried both get text and screen scrap activity to get the number from the page, where I am selecting element for the first URL. But the data has been repeating. My understanding is the function cannot read the data for the second row because it is looking for the same element with the same data. I am attaching screenshots to make the scenario clearer.


I am new to Uipath Studio and cannot figure out the problem. If anyone can help me, I shall be grateful.

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Use Anchor base tag , first use find element to find the text followers and then use get text activity to get the required

Hi @Abhinandan_Sarkar

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You need to run this within a loop. So let’s start with the first activity as listed below.

  1. Do a read range to read your first excel sheet where you have the URL’s. Get that data to a datatable
  2. Open the browser
  3. Then, use a For Each Row activity to loop through the datatable
  4. Within the loop, use the URL to navigate to that page.
  5. Use anchor base, or get text with a proper selector to read the number of followers
  6. Update the DT

then finally, write to the excel. Or else, you can do the writing within the loop as well.


Thank you for your response. It did not work for Instagram because, number of posts, follower count and number of followings are coming as an LI (list item) with the same class. So I choose the parent element and copy-pasted the entire UL in the cell, then run an excel function. But It worked for Youtube and other social media platforms.

Just wondering is there a way to select a specific child by the index value in uiPath, like Javascript or CSS?

Thank you.

@Lahiru.Fernando Yes, I had followed the exact steps but got stuck at point 5. Thank you for your response.

Hi @Abhinandan_Sarkar

Are you still stuck with the problem?

@Lahiru.Fernando no, I have managed to figure it out. Can you tell me how to select specific child of an element ? For example 2nd child of a list item.

Hi @Abhinandan_Sarkar @Lahiru.Fernando

I’m stuck at the same point “how to select specific child of an element?” for a different process on which am working. In the attached screenshots I want to get the highlighted text for multiple web pages. can you guys help me out with this? Thank You in advance.

Main.xaml (16.9 KB)
URL Input file URL_Input.xlsx (10.6 KB)