HI I am new to uipath i am trying to click on Header .i tried Click ,click text and recording also

HI I am new to uipath i am trying to click on Header .i tried Click ,click text and recording also but it showing H3 Elelment not found .i tried UI explorer also but it throwing Errror. please help me in this issue.Capture please find the screen shot and help me on this

Basically, here it looks like your element tag keep on changing due to which the workflow is not able to identify the element with that selector?

At first, since you are using ‘parentid’ & ‘tag’, check the value of these attributes for few instances. Looks like ‘parentid’ is generate dynamically. Look for some other selectors from uiexplorer that you can utilize instead of these unstable attributes.

Rammohan B.

Hi Rammohan thank u for u r reply .what u said is correct there is Element id is changing always that is the problem .please help me this .

Is it possible for us to access the page that you are trying to access?

I may not be able to tell you otherwise. May be check the property ‘aaname’, it something that defines the elements most of the time. If its common for all the instance, then just remove ‘parentid’ & replace ‘aaname’.

Rammohan B.

Hi reddy please remove the id in the selector because with id selector it will give error so with the help of ui explorer u can take selector of another type.

Hi shaik thank u for u r reply .i already remove the id but it is showing same error.

Hi Rammohan u can access that page if u dont mind can i have u r mail id …i will share u details.pleae send me message to venkatreddygokul@gmail.com

HI Rammohan i did that click action …i have one more doubt i have excel file in that i have 10 company name in …i have to read one company name and do some processs…ofter completing that process i want to read 2 company name …like that i will read…how to do this …ofter compalte the process i have to incerement that row .how to do this.

I will send the simple program how to increase the count after taking one company name and do one process and then move to another company name and do another process.Please see my zip file with excel sheet.It will give u the solution

company.zip (9.4 KB)


Hi Shaik ,

Thank u for u reply .small request i need how to write data in column line by line . out put data i write in 1 colomn …second data i want write in second colomn like that n companyes write in n columns…1 company 1 process second company 2 process like that that data i want write in lene by line colomns .and then i want write 1 colomn i have accenture “B2” company i want write that company details in 1 data in "C2"D2,E2,F2 like that nad second company i have IBM in “B3” that iBM Data i want write in C3,D3,E3,F3 like that please help in this scenario.

Hi please see the above given code simply change the read cell activity to write cell activity so u can write line by line

shaik azmal

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Hi shaikh ,

thanks for u r reply …i have one more doubt …i have multiple pages but there is no Paging like Arrow button nothing for click to next page …there is only numbers is there to click to next page like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, like this page numbers is ther …so now if i want go next page i should click numbers …how can do this help me please .

thans in advance.

Please share the screenshot so that i can know the exact reason what the error is ?