Reading Scanned Document with Google Cloud OCR

I’m trying to read an image with Google Cloud OCR and I keep getting this error:
Google Cloud Vision OCR: Error performing OCR: Requests to this API method are blocked. GoogleCloudErrorInvalidResponse

I’ve got the API Key and I’m using all default settings. I tested to make sure the input worked with Microsoft OCR and Tesseract OCR locally, and they do, but I’m having issues with the Google Cloud OCR for whatever reason. No idea why the method would be blocked despite the API Key being for the Project Owner credential…

Any ideas why this would be the case?

Try checking this post (use Postman or cURL to test API side issues)

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It turns out I just made a silly mistake, I forgot to enable the Cloud Vision API on the project’s API Key since it wasn’t an unrestricted API Key. Enabling that unblocked the methods available within the Cloud Vision API.

Yeah, I’d just realized the project was using a restricted API Key and I forgot to enable the Cloud Vision API, thank you!

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