Reading PDF with OCR - two languages with in same page in a go

This can be done through Read PDF from text , but i need to do this with OCR.

My PDF page contains English + Thai languages, if we change OCR Reader language it to Thai , Thai is characters are good, however English being converted to Thai. do we have any option to read two languages from the same page at a one go.

Example - In one line PDF file has English and Thai characters, like this whole PDF is mixed with English other language(example Thai).

Need a simple solution for this in UI Path.

Kindly through some Ideas.

Not for now. What you can do is read the Thai pages using OCR with Thai and English pages using OCR with English. But if they are mixed up the best solution is with Read PDF.

@badita should we add this to Ideas?

Hello @ovi , I have PDFs with Cyrillic and English (most of the text is in Cyrillic) and I cannot use Read PDF because the PDF contains scanned documents (in other words - images). While testing, the OCR that gave the best result for the Cyrillic was OmniPage, but still does not read English.
Could you suggest something as a solution for my problem?

Best wishes!