How to read different languages from pdf other than english


I need to read a pdf which consist different languages like french and arabic. I will have one input text which is in arabic and need to check whether that input arabic text exist in the pdf or not. Can you please me with this.

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Hi @Ananthaeswar2,
Please refer to this link:

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Hi palaniyappan,

I have used read pdf activity…using that i am able to check for Chinese language and some other languages. am not able to check Arabic can you please suggest on this.

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Kindly let know if its not working as you expect

I am looking into a requirement, where I need to extract specific data from different invoice (scanned images in PDF format) files uploaded globally into an invoice management system.
The content(/image) in scanned invoice file could be in English or any native language/dialect or a combination of both.
Using UiPath, how can we identify the native language/dialect used in a random invoice file from a batch of invoices, dynamically during runtime/production, read/extract the target data using an anchor element(which is also in native dialect).
I have come across Document & text translator component in Uipath Go that can translate text to the language we specify.
But I am looking at the possibility of identifying which foreign language the invoice file content is in & translate it back to English for further processing.
Any suggestions/guidance highly appreciated.