Make second row of datatable to be the header

I converted a .csv file into datatable and want to set the second row as my header. But the program throws an error which i am not able to resolve. I can’t upload .csv file so I have converted to xlsx.
Please help.

set second row as header.xaml (8.2 KB) P-2160-003-A.xlsx (11.0 KB)

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Can you try the following steps?

  1. Read whole data as string using Read Text File Activity.
  2. Remove 1st row using Regex.Replace method (or Replace activity) (Pattern should be "^.*\n" )
  3. Convert string to datatable using Generate DataTable activity.

Hope the following image helps you.



doing it with Excel:

doing it with csv:

First Assign: File.ReadAllLines(CSVFilePath).ToList()
Second Assign: CSVLines.Skip(1).ToList
Config Generate DataTable:

find starter help here:
Vernon_Shen.xaml (6.8 KB)
CSV as Zip (865 Bytes)


Thank @ppr and @Yoichi, I will try and feedback.

Based on both your methods, it seems like I have to remove the first line of the CSV. Am I right?

If I want to keep the first line, I have to remove it, manipulate the data and then insert in back again. Is that right?

Yes, we can do it like this

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