Reading Hand written Text from scanned PDF

Sample Scan doc.pdf (86.4 KB)

We are working on POC of robotics process automation (RPA) using UiPath. one of our requirement is to read text from scan image from pdf.
Process flow is…

  • User fill pre-define form (hard copy paper) by hand written either in english or French language
  • Scan the filled papar form as pdf send this pdf file via email.

We need to read hand written text from scanned image using UiPath. Here I am attaching sample scan image for your reference.

Is there any way/ library which support such kind of requirements in UiPath?

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Refer below thread for UiPath on Hand written File.


I tried almost the same scenario but ocr and icr is little bit headache, cannot always get the right information. I’d suggest interaction with user to correct and approve extracted information.

Yes . Indeed .
End user supervision must required in very case where you use OCR as it’s not 100% accurate .:+1:

But it might cause querying of capabilities of the robot which may yield undesired position. It should be careful not to fall in that state.

If you are using a form (structured data), then I would suggest using an ICR product to turn the handwritten info into data so that RPA can use it. Most RPA solutions have not integrated with ICR products yet. If your structured data has a limited set of values so it can be compared to a list or table, this greatly improves results. examples ; addresses compared to postal database, list of approved vendors, numbers in specific formats. Things like names and emails are very difficult to recognize as there are infinite possibilities