Reading from text file and writing in a browser window

I am new to UIPath and need help with this activity wherein I need to pick data from a text file and write in a browser window. I am able to read the data from the text file however I am not sure which activity to use to write that data in a browser window.
Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @Saurabh_Jhalani what u mean by writing to the broswer window?

Do you mean typing url?

Yes, I mean typing in the browser url

Use Type into activity

Hi @Saurabh_Jhalani I foresee 2 scenarios here:-
1)If its a url that you want to read from text file open , then use the “open browser” activity and in url property put the variable in which you have the value of data read from text file.
2)If you have to enter data in any field, column or search bar in browser then use the “type into” activity and in the text field put the variable name.

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Hi @Saurabh_Jhalani

Go with first option as said by @shetanshudhar

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I am new to UiPath and trying few things on my own. Related to same topic mentioned above i have a query. The scenario is, I have an XML in the notepad and I need to copy the XML and paste it to ApiTester message box in a browser. I am finding it difficult to identify the option.

Can anyone help me in resolving this query.

Thank You!