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Hi All,
I’m trying to click on specific text on a word document. How can I achieve this. I tried with click OCR Text but some attempt are failing because poor accuracy of OCR(some text in word document OCR not reading properly). Is there any alternative to do this. Please help me


What is your requirement? What does the click on text exactly do?


I just want to perform a ctrl+click event on each word I’m searching in the word documents. Basically I’m looking for words with hyperlinks in the word document I have and try to open each hyperlinks. Trying with OCR is not a good option I think. I tried click text action but it throw error saying text can not find. Please help me out to find a best solutions for this.


Have your word open and you could try below way, but your text will be gone and you will only be able to see the hyperlinks.



To fetch urls in word using Regex.


Yes, I understood this. But I want to my robot to click on each hyperlinks in the document. When I try click text action it’s says text can not find error.


Hi @Hashim_Shamsudeen,

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