How to move the mouse cursor

Hi All,
I’m trying to open all the hyperlinks in a word documents by clicking Cltr+click but my mouse cursor points to different location in the documents where I don’t have the hyperlink and i’m not able to perform the action.
Even I’m not able to find the text and click the word I’m desired too. It’s says text did not find.


Can you Please share your Workflow?

Maybe clicking ‘Simulate click’ would help?

Sure. I have word file and it have hyperlink name RPA. And I am trying to perform click+ctrl on that word using click text Action.
ValidateHyperLinks.xaml (6.6 KB)

I tried. but it says the text I’m trying to click is not working.

Hello there,
Uncheck sendwindowmessage property of click text.

Hi @Hashim_Shamsudeen,

Try these techniques for performing word operations:

(a) Use Keyboard shortcuts where ever possible. If the action you want to perform doesn’t have a keybord shortcut assigned , assign one to the action you need as done here..

(b) If assigning shortcut isn’t possible, then add the action to “Quick Access Toobar” (find the steps listed here) and use click image activity. Another standard approach would be create a new tab in the ribbon and add the activities you need (steps listed here).


Using any one of the approach above you can search for a given word using the keyborad shortcut , this will highlight the ocurrances of the word after which you can click on the quick access toolbar items you added or the icons in the custom tab you created.

Kudos !! Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Nithin Prabhu

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Thank you Nithin! It works! :smile:

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