UiPath example to read Hyperlinks from a file


I have a requirement to read all hyperlinks from a Microsoft Word document. I believe screen scraping will not work as the hyperlinks will be in different locations within each document.

Also, I’m not able to simulate ‘Control + Click’ action as the mouse pointer is not on the hyperlinked word.

Could anyone please suggest how to proceed? Thanks in advance!

getHyperlinks.xaml (7.9 KB)

Thank you, Vinay for your help.

I had to tweak this to be able to extract the hyperlinks as well as the word (that was hyperlinked) from the word document.

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Hi @shruthijrao,

Can you please share how you extracted the hyperlinks behind the text ? I have emails with “some document name” which has an embedded hyperlink. I need to fetch the hyperlink and open it in the browser. I find many threads on similar topics to be irrelevant to my problem.

@vvaidya, Any help on this please?