UiPath example to read Hyperlinks from a file




I have a requirement to read all hyperlinks from a Microsoft Word document. I believe screen scraping will not work as the hyperlinks will be in different locations within each document.

Also, I’m not able to simulate ‘Control + Click’ action as the mouse pointer is not on the hyperlinked word.

Could anyone please suggest how to proceed? Thanks in advance!


getHyperlinks.xaml (7.9 KB)

Read Word documents

Thank you, Vinay for your help.

I had to tweak this to be able to extract the hyperlinks as well as the word (that was hyperlinked) from the word document.

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Hi @shruthijrao,

Can you please share how you extracted the hyperlinks behind the text ? I have emails with “some document name” which has an embedded hyperlink. I need to fetch the hyperlink and open it in the browser. I find many threads on similar topics to be irrelevant to my problem.

@vvaidya, Any help on this please?