Read the PDF in there and extract the particular section of image paragraphs to excel

I am a newbie to UiPath. I was trying to write a bot to extract a particular section of data from multiple PDFs to excel. I see in some PDFs this particular section has one paragraph and in others it has more than one paragragh and that too paragraph’s are in image. I tried with Read the PDF files using the Read PDF With OCR activity but not able to extract the data. Any suggestions or help on this is really appreciated. Thank you!

Hello @Hk_Virupaksha ,

May i know whether you want to extract the data from the same region in all pdf files? Also will it be possible to share 2 sample pdf’s?

Read PDF with OCR will work in your case. But need to understand the above points.

Yes, that’s correct. I will be extracting the data from the same region in all the pdf files. Thank you Rahul for your reply.