PDF extraction From input file data

Hi Everyone,
Am having a doubt on pdf extraction part can you please help me on it below the details.

→ Am having single pdf having with 8 pages in that am having multiple patients accounts information
->I need to extract each patient info while using readpdftext activity in UiPath it was stopping the exceed limit because more than characters having in pdf. unable to use the readpdftext activity so instead of that how to extract the individual patients details. and need to load in Excel

Hi @jyothi_kakaraparthi

You can use read pdf with tesseract ocr to get the pdf information. Then use matches activity to get the specific details and then use for loop to add the data to the datatable. Please reply if it’s work or not.


Hi @jyothi_kakaraparthi ,

Could you let us know more about the Error message that you are receiving and also the version of PDF activities being used ?

We could maybe have a workaround by looping through the pages one by one in the PDF and extracting just One Page Data at a time and performing the operation required.