Read text file : limit caracters read

I have to read a file with simple datas (no specific characters).

I read with 100 lines, it’s OK and copy them more time (the datas are the same).
When uipath running and use “Read text file” with 100, 200 … the message appears :
Message : Job XXXX stopped due to unexpected process termination !
Exception Type : Exception
Sytem.Exception : Job XXXX stopped due to unexpected process termination !


I have the same problem when reading a PDF. Before it worked fine, now we get this same error message. Is there a solution already?

Hey @CarolineVDB

How many pages does your pdf contains?
and let me know you are using writeline after reading text from pdf?


The PDF is only 11 pages (and our workflow worked perflectly with the same file before).


This is an image of part of the flow. The process was interrupted during the first activity.

We deleted this activity and recreated it. then it was working again.

But now we get the same error.


380 views no solution?

Well it is due to character length which read PDF and same writeline write in buffer memory so due to limit it stopped the processes.

To deal with write line case u can use write text file for debugging purpose and similar I was facing the problem with read PDF in my earlier days as well and it is not about with this even I had tried with even itxtsharp library as well and PDF reader as well .

So better to read data in chunks I mean less pages and append them in a text and read your text file for further processing