PDF reading which is in German language

Hi All,
I am reading a pdf file which has 100 sheets and the size is 500KB’s but my bot is throwing a error as below screen shot. Is there is any size limit or language specific constraints are there ?
If not please let me know what is the reason it is causing errors
Version-2018.1.4 Enterprise edition.
Note: PDF is in German language.

Guys if any one is online please help.

@Gabriel_Tatu Do you know if there is a size limit for reading a pdf file?

There is a limit in what the robot can read. I would suggest reading in chunks. Also with 18.2 it may work better.

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Hi @Gabriel_Tatu
These files are directly downloaded from the browser and I want to read all the sheets @once .
The number of sheets would be between 400-500 & the size is up to 2MB. May I know what is the max size that Ui path works correctly.
Thanks in advance.


There is no max size, it depends on what data is in the pdf. As i ve said, can you try with 18.2? we did some memory improvements and this issue might not reproduce

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Can you please help me with the steps to update it.

are you using a paid license for Studio/Orchestrator?

yes I am using paid version of studio.

then you will need to contact the sales person that provided you the license and ask them for instructions on how to upgrade to 18.2
thank you