Read SMS using uipath

Is there any activity to read/receive the sms through the uipath

Did you get a chance to try twillio ?


If not, please install it from Manage Package and give a try.

Twilio not supported by UiPath anymore.

any more other SMS supporting options ?

as of now nope.

But we have the twilio send message activity in 2018.2.0 beta version @ddpadil @ovi

It was there since 2016 edition ,the package still shows up though it is deprecated.
need to take that down.


@Cosmin_Ion_Nicolae What do you think? Should we remove twilio from the Activities?

Yes the Twilio package will be removed.

Good. Uipath is having any plan to release for SMS.


There are plans to include the functionality but it will not be released in the near future.