Send and recive SMS in uipath

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I looked on forum solution but im not meet one thats why i need to ask if anyone of you find provider and solution to send sms from uipath and revice the answer ? Please dont write about Twilio activity cos this activity only send message and i need traffic in both side.

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there are a number of Twilo-like companies offering API access for sending SMS. you could consider using them if they provide the functionality you need for this. UiPath can integrate with applications providing API

Just like ronanpeter said, you can use any other SMS service that exposes a public API and use the UiPath WebAPI library for GET and POST requests over there.

I also recommend that you take a look on Go! to existing solutions - for example you can leave a question for the author of this component

Many thx for you help but tell me one thing coz im can not find the solution. I found many of sms API to send a massage but there is a way to revice a message ?

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I am looking for same thing

Through the same API’s you should be able to also receive messages. This means that they receive the SMS for you at one of their phone numbers and you read it from their endpoint - so it’s definitely possible.

I have also left a question here, so you can see if the author responds affirmatively to using that service for also receiving and reading messages.

Just search for services that offer the ‘read SMS message API’ and ‘receive SMS API’ services.

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You should be able to use WhatsApp desktop to achieve this

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You have 2 movies here how I send SMS with 2 different services:

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