Read same excel at the same time by multiple robots

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i’m not sure if that could happen at all, but at least it came up to our mind.

We store our Config files from ReFramework not in the UiPath Project itself. We store it at a centraliced place so we don’t need to publish processes again if we just adjust a small part in the config.

If we run the same process on serveral servers, can it cause problem because of multiple users accessing at the same time the same config excel file? Or does the read range activity support this?

Hi @schwarzp

Yes it would cause a problem since multiple bots are accesing same file at same.time

U had to create a locking system such that one robot can access the excel file at a time

Check this link

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thanks for your answer, but accessing the same “status” file would not do the job, because there can be multiple users accessing it too.

Did you get answer for this question i have the same question in mind

you can change the predefined location of config file (data) to any other folder/shared drive/sharepoint/storage bucket

Yes if you try to access the same file from multiple bots/places it is going to cause error so rather than directly reading from the remote location just copy the config file to your workflows(bots) local(project) environment then read the file, this will not cause errors for reading by multiple users and remove the config from local once done with reading

or another option you can change the config.xlsx file to csv file(its going to add more files as you cant have worksheets in csv , so settings , asset and any other worksheet needs to be a separate csv) , then you will be able to read the file concurrently (not recommended - as if someone makes changes while bot is reading it may cause errors - I am not sure just give a try)

" * Read-only - Opens the specified workbook in Read-Only mode. Selecting this check box enables you to perform data extraction operations in an Excel file which is locked for editing or has an edit password. By default, this check box is not selected."