Read row by row

read.xlsx (7.9 KB).

how can i read row by row and inserting the fields of each row on a website

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Use for each row activity and use row(0).toString (which is column 0 , all rows), row(1).tostring (which is column1, all rows) and insert the fields accordingly…

meaning i would assign all the coloumns. that is row(1), row(0) and row 2…

Hi buddy @Tapiwa
Kindly follow the below steps buddy

  1. Use excel application scope to open the Excel file
  2. Use a read range activity to get the output of type datatable…named out_dt…
  3. Then use a for each row loop … activity and with this activity you can iterate through each Row by row…in tha datatable…
  4. Now coming to the point how to passit to a website say i want to take the value from the first column row by row…you have to use a for each row and pass the input as out_dt the variable that we obtained from read range activity…
    Then inside the loop use a open browser and mention the url you want as a string
    Within open browser say in google search you want to enter the words in the column_1 of datatable each row by row…
    So inside the open browser activity use a type into activity and mention as

This would get the value of all the row inthe first column (you can mention the columnname as a string in double quotes ) and you can get by mentioning no. the column index as well which starts with 0 like this row(0).ToString

Thats all buddy you are done…
Hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know buddy
Cheers @Tapiwa

Did that work buddy… @Tapiwa

yep it did buddy.
cheers @Palaniyappan

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Thats great
Cheers @Tapiwa
Keep going

Hey Tapiwa, please have a check. This demo explains the way to get the data row by row… Please have a check :