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Hello everyone,
We have a question for our projects. I need to open excel file in background without the name sheet. We use activity “read range workbook”.
Attach picture.
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Could you elaborate? @Rodriguez

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Yes, the thing is: we need to read the first sheet by taking the index, for example. Same thing as in excel application scope but working in the background. So we dont need to know the sheet´s name cause it may change

Please see if this helps: Read 1st sheet of all the excels



There is a sample for getting active sheet name without using Excel in the following post. This might help you.


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Attaching here the workflow for fetching the Sheet names for an excel. after fetchning the names you can use the same which ever is required as your input sheet. or as an index value. Just change the excel path.

FindingSheetnName.xaml (6.1 KB)

Thank you @Yoichi
This works