Read active sheet in excel

Hi, I have a folder with multiple excels. How can I read all active tab/sheet from each excel ? The names in each excel’s tab are different eg( Cali price, NY price). Is there a dynamic way to do this ? Also, there is only 1 active sheet in each excel.


There are some ways to achieve it. The following is one of them using ClosedXML.
Hope this helps you. (16.9 KB)



Hi @shruti_kansakar

You can try this

  1. Get Workbook Sheet - It will get the name of the sheets
  2. Use For Each- Loop it in sheet name and make condition to find the Active sheet and use read range inside if

For taking all the excels in the Folder Follow the steps

  1. Goto → Filters-> Check on Show StudioX
  2. Search for for each file
  3. Take the Activity give the path and filter like you want


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Sheets activity was the answer I was looking for.


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