Read range with row numbers as variables

I’m trying to use the read range activity to get a range from one excel sheet to then use the append range activity to add these details to another sheet.

The tricky bit is the row numbers must be stored in a variable. I’m currently trying to use the below as a range definition but it says I am missing an expression end. It appears to be taking issue with the colon.

“A” + TestRowIndex.toint32 : “D” + TestRowIndex.toint32

@JAGranby Use expression in this format “A” + TestRowIndex.ToString
“D” + TestRowIndex.ToString

Sorry, this has not resolved the issue. It is still saying “end of expression expected”

@JAGranby Can you attach screenshot or xaml file

“A” + TestRowIndex.ToString+":"+“D” + TestRowIndex.ToString


Perfect thank you! Kicking myself for not trying that before!

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