How to add variable in excel row

Hello friends
I’m using read range activitie now, but I want to do something like this here. That’s it: I have an index that starts with the number 2, its name is listing index, and the robot repeats a study 10 times, in each study, I made assing index = index +1 and it continues by doing the other operation in this way. I want to add the same variable to the line in excel. that is, when the robot starts working, it should read the part from A2 to c2. When it starts the second time, I want it to read from A3 to c3, and to continue from a4 to c4 in the fourth. For this, I entered the range part as “A+index.tostring:C + index.Tostring” in the read range activity, but it did not accept. How can I hang it here?

Many thanks in advance for the answer

“A” + index.ToString + “:C” + index.ToString

Literals go inside quotes. Expressions go outside quotes.

Oh, and if you’re interested there are other ways to do it. For example…


It’ll replace {0} with whatever the second parameter is.

Thank you. this is working but now I other problem that when I write just A2 in range activities. uipath not read just A2 Part . uipath also read a2,a3,a4 … why not read exact A2 part. why I face this issue you think?