Read range: Sequence contains no matching element

When trying to get data using Read range activity

,I’m getting this error:

“Read range: Sequence contains no matching element”

Does anyone know why is it happening?

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this might help you out

If above does not work then
close studio
clean all temp files
open the studio again

Hi @Olivera_Kalinic

Do you want to read only cell A1 if yes , then your read range activity is fine and it says that there is no match as per your expression

Let’s say you want to read entire sheet then kindly remove A1 in your read range activity and replace by “”

If still issue persist , restart your studio and try to build same logic in another project @Olivera_Kalinic

I want to read whole sheet, but the same error appears, so I tryed with “A1” , just to compare all possibilities…

If you want to read whole sheet replace A1 with “”


@Olivera_Kalinic ,
Can you try with Read range workbook activity?

I did everything you suggested, but without success.

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