Read range

I get exception in Read range of workbook, “Sequence contains no matching element”

Could you help out?


If you are checking for any matches and it not found means it will happens, Can you upload the xaml and test data, so that i can try to solve this.

Hello @blaze.1411

Could you please, give more details about your question?

How are you performing reading?

I have used Read range from workbook activity, given excel path “in_Config(“FileLocation”).ToString” sheet name as “FileInput”.

output variable as assigned in argument “out_dtUserData”

I am not using finding matches in the activity.

Apparently it’s correct, but can you print the error or share the flow to check?

“Sequence contains no matching element” is the exception.

Sorry i could not upload the screen or workflow as its a banking sequences.


Please, check the link below:

good evening. can any one tell he how to read range from a specific cell onwards till the last value in that excel sheet. for an example i want to read all the rows from “A13” to “A300”. how can i do that.???

Hello @sathwikreddy

You can try this

@sathwikreddy just put “A13”

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then it reads only that cell value…i want to read from that cell to the last cell present in that sheet.

thanks fro the reply…but there is a problem…what if my next excel sheet has more than “A300” cells…then i have to update it physically…i want to read till the last value present in that excel…

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thanks for the reply…

Ok, So you should only do @Pablo_Sanchez suggest for you

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no bro…when i have bulk data which has more than “A300” cells… then i have to manually change it…

@dkollyns thanks for the link,

The link contains about starting a job through orchestrator, whereas my environment and development is without orchestrator which even doesn’t have excel office installed in the machine environment.

Hi @sathwikreddy

If you just write “A13” and UiPath is just reading 1 cell, the reason is that you are using read cell activity (OMG xD)

If you use read range activity and you write “A13” it will read the whole range since A13 cell until the end of the data cells.


Hello @blaze.1411 ,

Have you got the solution for this ??