Read Range - Read only excel sheet

Hi, I am trying to read range on a read only excel sheet but am having some troubles in doing so.

I dont have access to the password but I would just like to read the information inside.
I have tried the System Read Range activity, however the read only window pops up and UIPath is unable to go past the Read Range activity.(Therefore I am unable to detect that window and press the “Read Only” button).

I have also tried the excel application scope, from which the same situation applies, UIPath thinks it has not completed the action of opening excel therefore it will not move onto the next activity, which is to detect if the “Read Only” window pops up.

I have also tried using a try catch activity on a timeout exception, which also does not work

Any help would be very much appreciated!!

I doubt you can access the excel without the password.

But manually I can press ‘Read Only’ to read range