Read Range Issue - Remote Job Stopped Working

Hi Team,

We are facing an issue in read range activity of workbook.
Issue description : Sometimes read range is giving remote job stopped working error and in this scenario bot is not getting stopped it is getting stuck. We are expecting the normal behavior of the bot during system failure bot should stop execution but it is not getting stopped.

Kindly find the attached screenshot and let us know how to handle this issue?
Thanks in advance!


Hi @kamlesh1

Try to restart the Uipath robot from services

Hope this helps


Hi Gokul,

Your approach would be done manually. But, I am asking is there any approach that we can use in the code to handle this system failure.


Hello @kamlesh1 ,

If the excel file you are reading has huge data then it is observed that Read Range will give this error.

An alternative approach to resolve this issue would be to use Excel as datasource and query the results from datasource. Find more about the Same here below :

Step by step guide :