Any Help will be appreciated (Error Read Range)


I’m new to RPA and trying to automate my work processes with UiPath Studio. (Started 4 days ago)

Below is a summary of what I want it to do:

  1. Convert CSV to Excel (working)
  2. Delete 6 rows after header in the newly created excel (working)
  3. Create a new sheet for filtering data base on the date (issue/error)

I came across an error that I was not sure how to resolve.

Below is my UiPath process:


Can someone advise me on what I did wrong?

Thank you very much in advance

Hey dont worry close the excel. when you are working with excel the excel should not be opened.


Hi Thiru Nani,

It’s actually close from my end.
I don’t know how to close the excel that’s running in UiPath Studios. hahhaa

The error says it all:
UiPath can’t read your excelfile, since the excel file is already opened, either by you (having your testdata visible?) or anybody else.

In this case I think UiPath is to blame:
You open the excel with the excel applicaction scope activity.
Secondly, you do your read range. The wrong type of read range…

Nice and confusing: there are two of them:

The app integration one is to be used within an application scope.
The system one is a standalone read range, and opens the excel on its own.

So your code has 2 open excel instructions, the second one giving the error.
Replace your read range with the app integration one and your problem should be resolved.

Quick hint: if the read range als asks for a workbook path: don’t use it in an excel application scope. The same works for the other activities as well, read/write cell, write range, etc etc.

Hi Jeroen,

Thank you for taking the time to explain to me.
I didn’t realise that I was using the wrong read range. hahaha

I swap the read range to the “App Integration” version but I think mines is a new version or something because it’s asking for additional inputs that I have zero clue about.

Below is a snap of my UiPath Studios:

I believe I did something wrong that I have no clue about.
Is there something I need to know when using the read range from the “App Integration” section?

It’s just that I wish to read from the existing excel and create a filtering sequence to allow me to change the data and copy the data to a new sheet within the excel.

Thank you for answering my queries :slight_smile:

Read range reads your excel sheet (or parts of it).
It will store what it has read into a datatable object.

The output ‘saveto’ field requires a datatable variable.

From that point on the sheet is stored into memory in the form of a virtual table.
You can then use several of the datatable activities to filter, add/remove colums etc.

Afterwards, by using a write range excel activity, you can put the manipulated table back into an excelsheet (old or new) and voila, you have your end result.

More on datatables in the UiPath documentation:

If I recall correctly the academy also contains hands on exercises for excel and datatables.

Most of what you describe is pretty basic (no offense, we all need to start somewhere), and is described in the training modules. It’s worth it to use them.


In the latest version, there are 3 types ReadRange activty as the following.


If we want to use ExcelApplicationScope, we need to use ExcelReadRange.
It exists under Classic-AppIntegration-Excel, if modern design experience on.
(Need to turn on Show Classic at Filter settings in Activities Panel)
Or it exists under AppIntegration-Excel, if modern design experience off.

if we want to use ReadRangeX as the above your image, we need to use UseExcelFile activty instead of ExcelApplication Scope.

Hope this helps you.


The reason is straight forward

As we are using READ RANGE activity inside the EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE it’s throwing error that bot couldn’t access the file to read as it is being already used by excel application scope

So if you want to read the range after insert / delete data activity then use a
READ RANGE ACTIVITY from workbook and keep it outside excel application scope

Search as workbook in activity panel and use read range under that but keep the read range outside and next to excel application scope activity

This will resolve the issue

Cheers @Endy_So

@Jeroen_van_Loon @Yoichi @Palaniyappan . Thank you for the guidance

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