Read Range from sheet 1 Excel to Data Table and write from Data Table to sheet 2 to Excel

Excel to DataTable
Data Table to Excel

I have a problem with my automation project. I have an table in sheet 1 and I stored in DataTable with output “dtable” and I want to write DataTable stored in to Excel sheet 2. Problem is that Colummn K is not inserted, is empty and i don’t know why. I try to move column , I make another formulas in Excel, etc…no chance :slight_smile:

Many thanks in advance for your help

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Hi @a.viziteu

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Both are Workbook activities

Can you provide us the input file.

Use read range activity → Store it in the DtRead
SheetName → “Sheet 1”

Use Write Range activity



Thank you
I tried and I the same problem :rage:
Also I checked the cells from column K to see if something hiden there …but no chance.

Hey @a.viziteu,

Could you please share your file.


Test.xlsx (103.0 KB)
This is the Excel File …I think from Excel is the problem . But is defficult to say because poroblem is happend with 1-2 week ago when i come back from Holiday :slight_smile: . Maybe the update come with some change in my project

Hey @a.viziteu,

  1. As I can see in the attached file you are using LET function which is only supported by Excel for Microsoft 365 Excel for Microsoft 365 for Mac Excel for the web Excel 2021, so I just wanted to know if you are using the above mentioned excel version.

  2. If you are trying to read the datatable and find that the activity is throwing the error as Syntax Error, kindly make sure your have written all the formulas correctly in the method.

  3. If any formula is returning the null value use the IF to check if the return value is null and use any custom value.

  4. If formula itself contains any error use IFError method to correct it.

For me the excel is not supporting the LET method, I have changed the formula as below ss, where ever the value is returning as 0 you can see in the result screenshot that 0 were not get captured.


Check the result after applying the if condition in excel formula.



Hello again

Thanks for your replay, but the formula has to check in an list of name which will be in sheet “Transportator” and will have 7146 row with 2 columns (1 columns will be the CODE Name and the second column will be the Name . The option will be with VLOOKUP , but no worked for me. I can’t share you all excel because is confidentialy . I tried with “= IF(DataTableAlex!R2=”“,”“,DataTableAlex!R2)” but still not worked. Is strange because worked in the past with “= LET” and now something happend. I think the problems comes from UiPath update or from Microsoft Office Update.


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Hi Alex,

You have issue with Vlookup or issue with Copying data from Datatable to excel ?

Suresh Ghadai


I think I found the problem. After UiPath update something changed and is working via Excel.Activities.
So, i follow : App Integration - Excel- Exel Process Scope - Use Excel File - Read Range from (Excel Range) which has Headers and Visible Rows only and write DataTable to Excel.
I will add this in production and come back with feedback

Sure. Thanks!

@a.viziteu please check column format in excel

Hello Raja,

I checked from begining nothing column format. Main problem was when I’m back from Holiday I did update Microsoft Office and UiPath …and happend this problem . And until now I wasn’t know if problem from Excel or problem from UiPath .

So, I tested in production and working under Avaiable - App Integration- Range - Read Range es. Until now I used System- File - Workbook . Both are UiPath.Exel.Activities.

It worked also with al formulas in Excel (LET, IF , VLOOKUP and XLOOKUP , etc).

Thanks to all for sugestion and trying to help me :slight_smile:

You can copy/paste activity

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